Interview with Laura Ruby: Bone and Gap

Laura Ruby is the writer of the novel Bone and Gap. The book has won her 20016 Printz Award. She has blended the story on Finn O’Sullivan, who is a high school senior. He has a nickname Moonface. It is given by the townies. He gets this nickname because of his inability to watch people in eyes. Sean is the older brother of Finn and Finn lives with him. Both the brothers get attracted towards a beautiful Polish girl named Roza. The magical and delicate myth is beautifully narrated in the novel. When it was announced that Ruby is getting the Printz Award, several interviewers came forward to ask her questions and comments about the book.

One of the interviewers asked Ruby, how she felt and what was the first thing came in her mind when her name was announced for the award. Ruby was happy to answer the question. She told that she was thinking whether it was she. Ruby heard the committee saying that 2015 is a promising year where there were several amazing books published. The Bone Gap is a mind blowing book. She thought that it may look like an odd book, and she was not sure that it would make a great effect when it got published.

Ruby was asked to whom she announced about the award at first. She told that she came to know about her award on Sunday, and she kept the news to herself till Monday morning. She feels happy to dedicate the book to two people Steve (her husband) and Anne Ursu.

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