Mystery Novel You should not Miss: The Zig Zag Girl

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The Zig Zag Girl is written by Elly Griffiths. It was published on September 15, 2015. The novel has received excellent response from the public because of its intricate style and excellent elaboration. It is beautifully written with a wonderful flow. The writer has managed to explain a terrifically enigmatic story in an excellent manner. There are some great characters present in the story. It is fun to read, and it is sure you will not get sleep when you pause.

The novel starts in an unusual manner. A girl’s body is found, and it was cut into three. Inspector and Detective Edgar Stephens gets to know about the magic trick called the zig zag girl. Max Mephisto is a famous magician, and he has invented the trick. He is a close friend of Edgar. They both have worked in the war and a member of a group called the Magic Men. Max is still practicing as a magician touring to various parts of the world and visits seaside towns. He lives in the company of sword swallowers, dancing girls and ventriloquists. Max is ready to leave his usual life and help his friend in the investigation. Max found the dead girl known to him, and so he drops the idea of helping the detective.

Another magic trick and another death: Max and Edgar become imprisoned and found that the answer for the death is hidden in their old army days. Edgar receives a letter regarding a new trick called the Wolf Trap and comes to know that they are in danger. It revolves around quite a few characters. It is the favorite mystery novels for many people. The story is narrated in a clever manner, and it becomes hard to identify the convict. It takes you into the magic world where you will explore a compelling and captivating story.

When you read, you can feel a happy old schooling feel. It is written in such a way it suits the present generation. The violence is mentioned in a gentle manner. The writer has brilliantly used the theater community knowledge in her novel. The less glamorous and glamorous offer a realistic feeling to the story.

Exclusive Novel Shaker – Life and Hurdles of a Prisoner


Scott Frank is the writer of the novel Shaker. He has made sure to eliminate sentences or lines where readers do not focus much. It is the reason for the novel to become a grand success. He has taken the advice of Elmore Leonard, who is a popular crime novelist to write his novel. Frank has beautifully captured the streets of Los Angeles in perfection by using biting dialogue and sharply written prose. He has not wasted any words here in this novel. He is sure what to express and how to portray right from the start to the end of the novel. The unexpected turns and complications make the novel more interesting.

Roy Cooper is the main character in the novel. He is not the character which all people would dream or think of. He spends the most time with the dangers. He is a street killer who is efficient and ruthless. He is working on a mission. Cooper has taken the story plot in such a way the killer is expressed as a sympathetic loner. There is a flashback in his life to evolve as a ruthless killer. When he was a kid, he was sent to jail. He safeguards his baby brother and mother who were in the jail. He grows in the prison and gets influenced by the mentor and inmate Albert Budin. In the life of Cooper, Albert plays an important role, and he influences him even after Cooper is released from the jail.

Cooper plans to kill an accountant who is known for money skimming in sunny LA. The gang bangers appear in the scene and collapse the plan. When you read the novel, you would know how the scene collapsed, and Cooper is recognized as a hero in the media. Several things work against him, and he finds hard to clear the mess. His mentor comes out from the jail and clears the mess. The novel almost revolves like a movie, but it is interesting to read through.

Frank is a famous screenplay writer. His first attempt to write suspense novel is appreciable. He has put equal efforts to make the story sound interesting. Though there are several characters, it has a good relationship to one another, and it can be easily connected to the readers. The ending is surprising and makes the reader feel worth to check out this book. It is published on 26/01/2016.

Death Wears a Mask: Murder and Masquerade

Death Wears a Mask is written by Ashley Weaver. It is a story that revolves after two months of murder events at the Brightwell. Amory Ames and Milo has retired and settled in their country estate to keep away from the press. They also try to mend their faltering marriage. The relationship seemed to be going well. During the 1930s, when you are beautiful, rich and young, the press always keeps surrounding. Milo has acquired a reputation as Playboy did not help.

They are returning to London, and they receive the first invitation from their old friend – Lady Serena Barrington. They were invited to a dinner party. When they visit the party, they found a group that they are familiar. The group consists of Lord Dunmore – a very dodgy person, a highly reputed foreign officer with his American wife, a tennis star, two sisters, Barrington’s nephew and a mystery woman. Lord Dunmore remains happy at the scandalizing society, and it is seen in every chance.

Serene has arranged for powerful agenda due to repeated theft of jewels in previous dinner parties. It has been occurring several times, and they wanted to find the thief with the help of agents. They made sure to invite all the visitors who came to the previous parties for the dinner party. It is clear that every visitor attended the party wearing a mask in both terms figuratively and literally.

Ashley Weaver’s excellent writing skills are seen in this novel. She has opened a path to a new world where it covers lives of partying, lunching and shopping. It shows that there is no world depression, and the events remain as evidence to occur at Europe most times. It is an enjoyable novel and shows how the aristocrats lived and enjoyed the leisure.

The novel has received three stars from the majority of book readers. It has excellent descriptions about rich people, their dressing style, and manners. The writer has taken the effort to express the attitude of the person in a clear manner. The covers of the books look attractive and appealing. It is sure we have to appreciate the author for designing the best cover page. Weaver has given equal attention to both the cover page and the inside story of the book.