Children’s Detective Story- Friday Barnes: Girl Detective

Friday Barns: Girl Detective is written by R.A. Spratt. If you want to expose your child to kid’s version of Sherlock Holmes detective stories, then you have to read this book to them. It is written by an Australian writer. The writer is an author of a popular award winning series – Nanny Piggins. She has developed Friday Barnes: Girl Detective novel similar to an intriguing and likable heroine. It is a breezy and lighthearted mystery. The novel sounds like an eleven-year-old girl performing tasks of Sherlock Holmes at a classy boarding school.

Friday is the daughter of brilliant and busy parents. She was born in an unexpected manner, and her parents name her the next day she was born. She was born on Thursday, but her parents did not mind and named her Friday. She is an active young girl and helps her uncle Bernie to resolve a crime. She spends most of her time with her own devices and enjoys investigation. Her uncle Bernie rewarded some money for assisting him, and she used for joining in a large and exclusive Highcrest Academy.

She finds various mysteries in her school. Though she wants to remain in the safe corner, she cannot remain without solving the challenges. Some challenges that left to be revealed include homework assignments remain missing, placement of fake history presentations, and a beautiful clock lost from the desk of the Headmaster. Friday is naturally gifted with Sherlockian abilities, and she uses rightly in her school to solve some challenging mysteries. She also gets adequate assistance and support from her roommate – Melanie Pelly. The characters present in the novel are entertaining and fun. But the entire novel talks and discusses a typical boarding school.

While you read the novel, you can find several usual incidences we have come across. The novel will have been better if it has some snappy and smart incidence. The plotting of the story is clever, and characters are explained in a clear manner. It is good for readers who have not read through detective kind of stories. It teaches the children about the investigation. It will surely make the readers keep reading again and again. It is interesting and worth for the school level kids. Friday Barns: Girl Detective was published on January 19, 2016.

It is the first series. Hope the writer creates more series under this title.

Best Children’s Book: Chloe in India

The novel Chloe in India is written by Kate Darnton. It is published on January 12, 2016. Chloe is a fifth-grade student and wishes to fit in a school. It seemed unbearable for her. Her blue eyes and blonde hair made her classmates and school mark her as an outsider in a new school where she enrolled in New Delhi. Anna is the older sister of Chloe. She did not find any difficulty in adjusting to the new school. She was welcome in the new school. It was only Chloe finding hard to get accustomed. Moreover, Anna did not worry or feel when the entire family shifted from Boston. Chloe always felt like a fish in a new pond. She was visiting India for the first time, and she could not imagine starting her routine or basic life in India.

Lakshmi is a new girl joined along with Chloe in her class. At that moment, Chloe found that every new girl entering the class even belonging to India is treated as an outsider. Lakshmi comes from a lower middle-class family, and she does not own expensive or costly items like other students had in their class. Chloe and Lakshmi started to have a good understanding with each other, and they developed a strong bond outside the class. Chloe found helpless as she should not take next step or help her new friend – Lakshmi at school. Some popular girls in the class tried to stop or threaten Lakshmi’s ambition. Chloe was in a position to support where truth and loyalties are.

The writer has explained her experiences and challenges when she was joined in a school for pursuing middle-grade level. She studies in the New Delhi school for about five years and provides lots of personal information about how it feels for an American family to get settled in India.

Chloe in India is an excellent novel dedicated to children. It provides plenty of details regarding cultural insights, discrimination, privilege, and class. It helps the readers to get a chance to know about these facts in detail. The voice of the writer is genuine, and the outlook is realistic and likable. Her opinions about identity and friendship will match well with several readers. On the whole, it is a good friendship novel. It is worth reading more than once or twice. It helps in gaining insights into the Indian culture and tradition.

Big Friends – A Must Read

Big Friends is written by Benji Davies and Linda Sarah. It is published on January 19, 2016. Both the writers have tried to publish a tender story which revolves around three best friends.

Etho and Birt are best friends. They both played together on own with cardboard boxes. They just play out of their imagination in tow. The Shu is the new entry in the group, and Etho was happy to welcome Shu in their group. According to Birt, three means a crowd. He prefers to play with Etho only. He did not prefer to play in a crowd and leave the cardboard box in anger. Birt stayed inside his home and did not accept Etho and Shu’s invitation to play. Bith made a cardboard box device using wheels and started to join with Shu and Etho again. It is where he found that it was fun to play with Shu. He was happy to accept Shu in his group.

The writers have clearly explained the characters and the role of three friends in the story. The three boys play the main characters. Davies and Sarah have taken a lot of effort and time to create a strong relationship between the two friends Etho and Birt. The entire message and story are impressive. There is nothing like sugarcoated in the story. Though friendship is hard and less feasible at this age, it has been expressed with real emotion. The vulnerability exists in friendship. Mostly boys find difficult to make friends and bottle their emotion. In this story, it is explained in a clear manner how Etho and Shu invited to play with the cardboard box and how they offer their peace to Birt. When you see closely you can observe, Shu in arms crossed and standing position and Ethos looking unsure and tentative. Children reading this book will learn about forgiveness and true friendship.