Beverly Jenkins: Writer of the Book Forbidden

Beverly Jenkins is a popular romance and historical romance writer. She is basically an American author. Her contemporary and historical romance novels concentrate on the nineteenth century American and African life. She has won several awards for her writings. She was interviewed one early recently after the launch of her book ‘Forbidden’.

Most people have a wrong opinion about romance novels, but Beverly Jenkins have proved that it is opposite through her writings and stories. She is the person who works after 10.00 PM till 4.00 AM. When she was asked about her writing timings, she told that was free only that time and she dedicates that time to her passion and skills.

Beverly Jenkins is in her sixties. Though she was practicing the schedule in early days, she still follows as it remained perfect for her to blend her story. She published her first book in the year 1994 – Night Song. It has two main character – American and African. It is a famous love story of 1800’s. Beverly Jenkins was able to blend the story on own mastering the American African historical romance subgenre.

She told she did not start writing romance stories to revolutionize the industry She admits that she has not represented any of her, sister or friend’s story in her book. When she wrote the first love story, she was never passionate to publish. Most people had the feeling that black writers do not have the writing skill to master the romance genre. She is happy to make that assumption wrong. She asks if she is not going to write then who would touch these categories.

Till date, Beverly Jenkins has published more than thirty novels. She has a large group of fans following her book and her writing. She is happy to look back what she has achieved in these two decades.

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