Children’s Detective Story- Friday Barnes: Girl Detective

Friday Barns: Girl Detective is written by R.A. Spratt. If you want to expose your child to kid’s version of Sherlock Holmes detective stories, then you have to read this book to them. It is written by an Australian writer. The writer is an author of a popular award winning series – Nanny Piggins. She has developed Friday Barnes: Girl Detective novel similar to an intriguing and likable heroine. It is a breezy and lighthearted mystery. The novel sounds like an eleven-year-old girl performing tasks of Sherlock Holmes at a classy boarding school.

Friday is the daughter of brilliant and busy parents. She was born in an unexpected manner, and her parents name her the next day she was born. She was born on Thursday, but her parents did not mind and named her Friday. She is an active young girl and helps her uncle Bernie to resolve a crime. She spends most of her time with her own devices and enjoys investigation. Her uncle Bernie rewarded some money for assisting him, and she used for joining in a large and exclusive Highcrest Academy.

She finds various mysteries in her school. Though she wants to remain in the safe corner, she cannot remain without solving the challenges. Some challenges that left to be revealed include homework assignments remain missing, placement of fake history presentations, and a beautiful clock lost from the desk of the Headmaster. Friday is naturally gifted with Sherlockian abilities, and she uses rightly in her school to solve some challenging mysteries. She also gets adequate assistance and support from her roommate – Melanie Pelly. The characters present in the novel are entertaining and fun. But the entire novel talks and discusses a typical boarding school.

While you read the novel, you can find several usual incidences we have come across. The novel will have been better if it has some snappy and smart incidence. The plotting of the story is clever, and characters are explained in a clear manner. It is good for readers who have not read through detective kind of stories. It teaches the children about the investigation. It will surely make the readers keep reading again and again. It is interesting and worth for the school level kids. Friday Barns: Girl Detective was published on January 19, 2016.

It is the first series. Hope the writer creates more series under this title.