Book for all Age Groups: Frankencrayon


Frankencrayon is written and illustrated by Michael Hall. It is a creative and funny story. The dapperly dressed and top hat clothed crayons share its tragic tale. As they explain their thrilling tale, they say how the disaster strikes. The pages are set, roles are fixed, and the costumes are made, and they face the disaster. When someone scribbles the page and makes the book odd, the crayons start to fix it. The actions move back to home and lights are turned off, but no one came forward to call Frankencrayon.

When you read from the beginning, the Frankencrayon will sound almost like a monster story. The book is suitable for all ages. It has dramatic elements and suspense but does not remain scary. Michael Hall is the illustrator and author of numerous children’s books. His latest inventive crayon character book remains brilliant and stands unique in the crowd. The energetic and bright color stands opposite to solid colored background. Ornamented in their ancient acting clothing, the crayons occupy each page of the book with their overemotional but mannerly personalities.

It is the best entertainment book. It exceeds more than you expect. It starts with a classic literature, but you can see a story within the story. There are unexpected twists and turns, and it surely makes you laugh. Hall has expressed the crayon’s precise and quirky dialogue with alteration, onomatopoeias and word plays and slight slips in certain life instructions. Though there are several books in the store, this book is creative and entertaining throughout. It makes the reader feel happy and surprised. It is worth for multiple readings. Hall has showed his level of creativity and innovation in his book. The book tells you some rare areas where beauty is seen. Hall’s storytelling talent is seen clearly in this book.