A Quick Review of the Book – Summit Lake


Summit Lake is the latest book on the shelves. It was published on 26-01-2016. It is written by Charlie Donlea. The Summit Lake is the first book from the writer’s shelves. The story line of Summit Lake is great and excellent. No person will feel to end the book when they take in hands. The descriptive writing, the mystery, the suspense, the writing style and the pace were all at a first rate. The writer has written it so well and in great taste. It shows his excellence in weaving a fascinating, believable tale apart from bringing the story characters to life and developing a strong story line.

The readers will come across certain red herrings that makes them think and guess about certain things. It is a quick read book. It has about two hundred and ninety-four pages. It is a mystery that takes the reader to explore the life story of the main character – Becca Eckersley.

The story revolves around her life, murder, rape. Becca is a brilliant and beautiful law student. She is preparing for her law exams and feels extreme exam pressure. She visits her parent’s summer house that is located in the North Carolina Mountains. She feels that it is the best place to keep her thoughts steady and prepare for exams. But a sad incident occurs. She was brutally raped and murdered. It happens before she gets the chance to write her exams.

Kelsey Castle is a popular investigative reporter enters in the novel. She is examining the case and highly strong to find out how the incident happened to Becca. She is interested in how the murder happened in the Summit Lake a small town and incidents around the case. She feels it is impossible to happen such a large case in small town. The media buzz is absent throughout, and it looks unusual. The local coffee shop shares a collection of gossips about the murder.

Kelsey finds that local police seems to be absent in the case and starts to find clues to the murder. Her suspicious are unusual, and it is due to the botched autopsy report and county investigation.

The story is completely filled with suspense. It is explained from the investigator’s point of view. Kelsey reveals the death of Becca just a few weeks before. It makes her find out the real background of Becca. She does not mind the dangers and obstacles coming through but find the answers for her death.