Family Lawyer, Emily Konicek gives her expert opinion.

Will i ever be free of you

Throughout my career, I’ve met and counseled many women and men who believe they cannot survive a divorce. You can, and you will, but it might not be easy. Coming to terms with a divorce, particularly following a tumultuous marriage that has left one or both partners feeling unvalued, unloved and unwanted. I frequently recommend that my clients read about what others have gone through (and how they have persevered), and reflecting on what went wrong to avoid similar mistakes in future relationships.

Bitter Divorce

Many – okay, most – divorces are hardly conflict free, especially when there are children involved. Battling out the details of a divorce can be extremely difficult and exhausting for all involved. Will I Ever Be Free of You? is a guide to helping you through the divorce, even when your former partner is intent on making it extremely difficult. It defines the classic narcissist, and how he or she can wear you down and leaving you feeling less than whole. Through real life scenarios, you will learn effective steps for taking back your life and moving forward in a healthier manner. The book also offers sound, practical advice for navigating the court system and protecting children when a divorce turns nasty.Crazy time

Divorcing Today

Crazy Time: Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life will walk you through the stages of the dissolution of a marriage, such as the final confrontation – the moment yo
u knew the relationship could not be salvaged – and the ensuing feelings of anger, depression and even relief. It’s so chock full of personal experiences that anyone can find something to relate to. The author not only went through a painful divorce, she’s interviewed countless others about their own experiences and feelings. The book is also in its third edition, so it’s up to date about the external factors that negatively impact a marriage in today’s society. You’ll also learn about being single again in a modern environment, where the Internet and dating sites have changed how we now meet and mingle.

It is a common misconception that we can effectively manage our own feelings and, at the same time, help our loved ones survive and thrive during a divorce. But I’ve found that by referring my clients to either or both of these books, they are able to gain a deeper understanding of the multitude of emotions everyone experiences when their marriage comes to an end. And, through a greater awareness, they are able to pick up the pieces faster and chart a new course that will help them achieve personal peace as they begin their new normal.


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